How We Works

Aanirai Cow Milk is an honest attempt to serve nutritious, chemical-free and preservative-free milk. It's like serving fresh milk from your own farm while being present in an urban living.

Own Farm

We have our own organic farm with more than 50 cows & we are also integrated ourselves with our neighbourhood farms to meet the growing customer demand .The fodder quality and well being of the cattle is monitored 24x7 under trained veterinarians and staffs


We Keep a strightent on the cattle quality.fodder and process at the farm.samples of our milk are regularly checked and passed by FSSAI accredated labs to ensure quality.

Hygenic Milking Contidions

Our cattle and cattle sheds are cleaned well before and after milking to ensure hygienic milking practices which prevents mastitis .Milking machines are used for milking which prevents dust and other dirt’s from entering the milk while milking and untouched by hands at all times

Chilling Before Bottling

Milk is chilled to 4 deg in bulk milk coolers immediately after milking to avoid bacterial growth . at this temprature the natural goodness of milk is retained without any harmful bacterial growth


Chilled milk is packed in glass bottles so that the cold temprature is retained for a long duration. the bottles are sealed at the farm of To ensure that milk is delivered in the same flavour…

Ready for Delivery

Bottled milk packed in insulated boxes from farm arrives at our hubs. Dispatches are done to your houshold within 3-4 hours.